With over +25 years in the marcomms space, my programs provide better methods to connect women to your brands and products. I can help you uncover what women want, expect and need from your business making her a return customer with a higher yield and bigger basket. If she’s not loyal to your brand, I can take you there. If she’s ignoring your brand, I can help you to convince her otherwise. If she’s fatigued by choice in your category, we’ll make you her #1.  I will help you create your best relationship with women.

Getting gender right with your team and getting it right with your female consumer will guarantee you a sustainable business and a future-proofed brand.

Your Bespoke Business Case

What’s the size of your prize?

In our first step in the Full Focus program, we create breakthrough by first calculating what women are worth to your business.

In a deep-dive assessment of your business, I use bespoke diagnostics, hard data and KGIs (Key Gender Indicators) to unearth the hidden opportunities that a lack of lens has kept obscured. My report will reveal the true value of your female consumers and how we can go about digging deeper in R&D to create strong value propositions relevant and rich to your target female audience.

What is she worth to you now and what could she be worth to you soon? Let’s find out.


Leveraging gender for maximum profitability.

There’s more to the market pie…

  • Are you seeking new avenues of revenue?
  • Are you launching a new product in an oversaturated marketplace?
  • Worried about future-proofing your business in an increasingly volatile economy?
  • Do you have a desire to differentiate yourself and out-think your biggest competitors?
  • Want to stop debating gender and get back to making more money?

Then it’s time to get Full Focus. My four-part programme teaches your team how to authentically leverage your brand with the rising female economy by implementing a ‘female lens’ in order to sensitise, understand and acquire the lucrative female customer.

Full focus step programme

Full Focus cracks the code of your target female market filled with complex semiotics, subtleties and sensitivities to ensure that we cut through the brush, overcome any barriers to purchase and ensure you become and remain her #1. Getting it right with her will catalyse continuous annual growth by turning gender into fuel for your bottom line.


Drive innovative teams and profitability with kick-ass cultural change.

Gender diverse companies have been proven to be more profitable and innovative than others in their category. However it is not just because these companies have equal or weighted numbers of men and women representative of their markets. It is because senior leaders are committed to ensuring their staff are gender intelligent. Getting your team gender-smart requires buy-in and is role modelled upon the leadership and commitment from your CEO and senior leaders.

Diversity University

With my four-step program, I  guide your leaders and teams in reframing diversity from a HR issue into a distinct competitive advantage and point of differentiation in the new globalised business landscape. I demonstrate to your teams the many ways in which diversity gets you away from stagnant groupthink and into driving innovation solutions and improved profitability.

Want to get your teams out-thinking the competition and cement cultural change that sticks? Enrol in Diversity University now.


Need me, but not sure where I would fit?

With all the confusion around gender, the blindspot in business about its commercial and profitable potential continues to widen. Often businesses aren’t sure where to put me or how to use me; they just know that they need me.

As a consultant-on-retainer, we can talk flexible, bespoke options and timings across different projects. Perhaps you need me to put a gender-lens on your campaign before it goes to market? Or you’re keen to do staggered gender-intelligence workshops? Or you need 1-on-1 training sessions with your Chief Diversity Officer? Whatever the issue, having me on a retainer is the best option for those who are unsure.

Let’s talk about how we can work together so that it works for you.

“Your presentation style and succinct messaging was fantastic. I know you convinced the men in the room to think differently and provoked a lot of thought on the whole ‘she economy’. Thank you again, you were brilliant.”

Dr Imogen ReidIndustry Policy Advisor, VACC

“Brideson delivered a blistering and powerful presentation and her speech is peppered with what is clearly her passion and frustration in equal measures.”

Nancy HrominB&T, Misfits Media

“Bec Brideson spoke on the power of 'Women as Consumers' at the Indie Summit 2017, our flagship conference for independent agency leaders. Bec is a compelling and engaging speaker. She has a clear point of view but a thoughtful manner of presentation, which connects extremely well with an audience. Her insights are shocking and fascinating by turn. The case she makes is extremely relevant to the success of our industry, as well as the good of society as a whole.”

Julian BouldingPresident, thenetworkone