It’s no secret that the world has changed, and traditional business solutions and models just haven’t converted to recognise the new economy of women. With 91%* of women agreeing that advertisers and marketers do not understand them, there is a lot to learn and a long way to go.

Bec is in demand, spreading this message and helping brands and industries to better understand women and create effective business strategies that connect with and understand them.

Talk to her today if you are keen to learn Bec’s secrets on penetrating the $28 trillion female economy.


  • Womenomics: How the new female economy is changing the world

A revealing and in-depth look at how the new female economy is changing the world, our lives but
in particular business. Like with technological transformation, Bec makes the compelling business case for why senior leaders should leverage the female$ dollar through proactivity now, not reactivity later.

Who is this for? 

C-suite, Boards, Heritage Businesses, Traditionalist thinkers – those who are in need of the business case for why women should be your next investment if innovation, disruption and growth are on the agenda for 2018.

  • Female Lens: Innovation and bottom line growth through gender

In the face of increased political volatility, economic stagnancy, and rising tech costs – it’s time we turn
to low-cost innovation that has been right under our noses. Bec Brideson makes the case for expanding our historically traditional business lens, to include the singular innovation and modern insight of the female lens. Packed with numerous local and international case studies, Bec takes you through her singular framework for how a female lens can build your business an assured and very profitable future that engages and maximises the talent of your staff and the rise of the new female economy.

Who is this for? 

All businesses, and business leaders – of all sizes, shapes and scale who are curious about how to leverage the full power and impact of gender intelligence in their organisation.

  • Gender Intelligence: Leverage gender in the pursuit of greater and more lucrative opportunities and the fast-rising female$ dollar

Get the low-down on Bec Brideson’s proven methodology for capturing a greater share of the female market and 30% growth year on year. Bec is keen to share it with innovative businesses, and disruptive and visionary leaders who want to get ahead of the future, and leverage gender in the pursuit of greater and more lucrative opportunities and the fast-rising female$ dollar.

Who is this for? 

Clever business leaders, start-ups, disruptors, innovators, futurists and technologists who want to innovate and be early- adopters of gender intelligence.

“Your presentation style and succinct messaging was fantastic. I know you convinced the men in the room to think differently and provoked a lot of thought on the whole ‘she economy’. Thank you again, you were brilliant.”

Dr Imogen ReidIndustry Policy Advisor, VACC

“Brideson delivered a blistering and powerful presentation and her speech is peppered with what is clearly her passion and frustration in equal measures.”

Nancy HrominB&T, Misfits Media

“Bec Brideson spoke on the power of 'Women as Consumers' at the Indie Summit 2017, our flagship conference for independent agency leaders. Bec is a compelling and engaging speaker. She has a clear point of view but a thoughtful manner of presentation, which connects extremely well with an audience. Her insights are shocking and fascinating by turn. The case she makes is extremely relevant to the success of our industry, as well as the good of society as a whole.”

Julian BouldingPresident, thenetworkone

“Bec's message about the value of the female economy, how to tap into it and the necessary cultural alignment really set the tone for our event Unleashing the Value of Women's Sport forum. We truly appreciate Bec's contribution and look forward to an opportunity to work with Bec again on realising the full potential of women's sport.”

Kerry TurnerManager, Participation & Partnerships, NSW OFFICE OF SPORT

“Bec Brideson was truly inspirational, highlighting the fact that whilst statistics tell a sad story, there are positive changes occurring, and therefore all is not lost. Bec's incisive assessment proves that there is no better time than now to address gender inequality and to pursue the female opportunity to sustain the future of advertising.”

David ReidFounder/Co-Chair, Swinburne Advertising Industry Student Forum

“Bec provided a valuable perspective on the topic as an industry expert. She was engaging, insightful and provided interesting and relevant case studies that provided a unique 'insider' perspective that enhanced and brought to life the topic for the audience. Her content was clear, informative and thought-provoking. Without her, we would have missed out on a crucial perspective in this conversation.”

Claire VarleyPVAW Workforce Development Coordinator, Women's Health Victoria

“"Bec provided an articulate and dynamic perspective to our panel. Bec's passion brought the statistics to life, challenging our audience to think differently. I enjoyed the diligence shown in preparation and research to bring value to Salesforce World Tour Sydney. I look forward to working with Bec again."”

Vincent CotteDirector - Industry Marketing, Salesforce Asia Pacific

“"Having Bec Brideson deliver the key note speech for our 2018 International Women's Day (IDW) Breakfast was a resounding success. Bec was succinct, engaging and funny - which made the content much easier to digest. Bec's insight into how under utilised the females lens is in business and her personal experiences in how we can better understand the female economy and its worth resonated with the many business women in the room. On behalf of the IWD committee, we thank Bec for so generously supporting our event, which raised over $18500 for our local Women's Refuge."”

Louise BeaumontArea Sales Manager, Focus Mag and Hastings Heroines

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