Bec delivers a compelling business case about the new reality of selling to women and creating lucrative long-lasting relationships with female consumers.

It’s no secret that the world has changed, and traditional business solutions and models just haven’t converted to recognise the new economy of women. With 91%* of women agreeing that advertisers and marketers do not understand them, there is a lot to learn and a long way to go.

Bec is in demand, spreading this message and helping brands and industries to better understand women and create effective business strategies that connect with and understand them.

Talk to her today if you are keen to learn Bec’s secrets on penetrating the $28 trillion female economy.


  • Womenomics: How the new female economy is changing the world
  • Adam and Even Better: The new testament for marketing to women
  • Female Lens: Innovation and bottom line growth through gender

Brideson delivered a blistering and powerful presentation and her speech is peppered with what is clearly her passion and frustration in equal measures.

Nancy Hromin B&T, Misfits Media


  • Marketing To Women: Creating bespoke strategies for greater profits
  • The Mother of Segmentation: Why getting women means you get men
  • Female Business Culture: How to build and curate your social media channels (Workshop)
  • Highway Or My Way: Busting the glass ceiling, then leaving it behind to build your own future
  • #LikeABoss: Building your brand and enabling career success by creating your own marketing plan. (Workshop)
  • I Don’t Know How She Does It: Bec Brideson runs two businesses, juggles parenthood, one husband, two cats and still manages to have a life. Find out how she does it, and strategies for managing a modern woman’s life.
  • #LikeABoss: Building your brand and enabling career success by creating your own marketing plan. (W)

*these can be tailored to your business for an additional price. Please chat to us.