Blind Spots

How to Uncover and Attract the Fastest Emerging Economy

Bec Brideson’s debut business bible explores the $28 trillion female economy and outlays the definitive methodology and business transformation required to acquire and retain the new lucrative female consumer.

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Are you ready for the next global economic disruption?

Business can no longer deny a woman’s influence and impact on its bottom line. Yet we continue to underserve, neglect and ignore her $28 trillion economic sway to our detriment.

While the business case for this new reality is black and white – there is still a grey area holding us back. Our movement towards gender parity is glacial. Tokenistic ‘femvertising’ and homogenous thinking is no longer cutting it. And the stigma around gender’s role in business obscures the potential for greater commercial gain.

With over 25 years in advertising, gender intelligence pioneer Bec Brideson not only provides fresh solutions to these issues in Blind Spots but endows you with the ground-breaking framework that will alchemise gender into explosive growth and profitability for your business.

This barrier-smashing book is for forward-thinking business leaders who are sick of talking, and ready for resolution. Bursting full of unique case studies across a wide range of industries, Blind Spots qualifies you with the tools, facts and clarity needed to take this over the line. This book will bridge all levels (and genders) of the organizational chart and create greater awareness of how recognising our gender differences and their valuable contributions to a business can add up to the big bucks.

In a slow growth market and volatile economy, every advantage counts. While CEOs and senior executives upend their budgets to technology for innovation and disruption; sometimes the solution is far simpler and right here at home.

Women are the globe’s fastest, growing consumer economy and they have the potential to make or break any brand. This book is your guide to unearthing and exploring the deep pockets of this financial opportunity.

So will you take the early-adopter plunge or chase after the wave?

"Bec Brideson is a smart, effective and powerful person; so of course she would write a smart, effective and powerful book."

Jane CaroAuthor and Social Commentator

“It’s easy in 2018 to sit back and think that we live in an advanced, balanced society. The days of women not having a voice are long-gone and besides the gender pay gap we’re on equal footing. Wrong. Bec sets out in plain English why it takes more than one generation to overturn millennia of societal imbalance and why now is the time for businesses to act. This is a practical guide that’ll open your eyes to the vast opportunities available to any business owner willing to challenge their hard-wiring.”

Julian BouldingFounder and CEO, Howamigoing

Bec’s book is now available in all bookstores and online; as an e-book format and paperback.