Have you ever wondered if your brand and or brand communications are creating a barrier to more customer growth? They probably are.

These days, offering up any stereotypes of women and ill-conceived clichés that miss the mark or insult women will get you that result. Perpetuating product misses and not providing the right solutions for women is a big mistake. It makes your valuable female consumer feel the way one might react if offered a fish milkshake with a pubic hair in it after a big night on the gas. A little nauseated.

The way women are related to and portrayed is a really big deal in this decade. We live in an age where opinion and information is at our fingertips. Technological advancement and the fast, flat and free economy has changed the game. Add female to that equation you get an outcome that changes the social contract.


Women are speaking out and speaking up, demanding better and voting with their dollars. The excuse or reliance on “it’s the way we've always done it” is now a roadblock in the way of progress. It needs to be consigned to his-story because chances are it's not her-story.

To continue the hangover analogy, what we appear to have is an historic drinking problem. The bygone era’s irresponsible consumption of gallons of male-lens has left us with a big, bad terrible headaches. And modern women just won’t swallow it anymore. Femvertising is the AA intervention that we need. But please note marketers, it is not the long term cure.

In an era of conscious revolution about women, now is the time in which forward-thinking business will embrace the methodology, know-how and facts that lead to better engagement and love for progressive brands.

With women controlling the purse strings in 9 out of 10 customer transactions and because women are out-earning, out-living and out-spending men there can be no excuse to start your Female$ journey now. To move into a territory that understands how different gender is in influencing outcomes.

In 2007 professor Michael (Spike) Cramphorn, research guru from Australia, had what he described as an “Isaac Newton moment” For Spike, his falling fruit moment happened when he was micro-analysing data from 400,000 global responses to advertising from around the globe. He decided to carve up his results based on looking at gender differences.

The results were illuminating.

Women are a more responsive audience and respond more positively to advertising overall*. Ka-ching, Ka-ching.  Suffice to say it matters and it changes the landscape of our methodology and our approach, and the way we should think about communicating with women.

And here are some results fresh in this month, from media group SHE KNOWS** that highlight just how much we need to consider an overhaul of our outdated planning tools (pun intended) that are rehashing history rather than moving toward creating her-story.

• 92% of women and 80% of men believe how women are portrayed in ads has a direct impact on girls' self-esteem. 

• 63% of women and men believe we should hold brands responsible for using their advertising to promote positive messages to women and girls.

 • 88% of women and 74% of men report remembering ads that feature positive female messages. Women’s recall is attributed to seeing themselves & people they know reflected in the message. Men’s is attributed to matching their values.

• 62% of women feel unrepresented, underrepresented, and misrepresented in most of the ads they see

The future of your business depends on this evolution. Now is the time for brands to transform and align with the female consumer reality. Get this right and get the kind of growth that turns CEO’s into legends.

Bec Brideson is an expert in the marketing to women space where she is running workshops that empower teams to ditch the old goggles and learn to see through the #femalelens. For 10 minute chat regarding your opportunity to better connect with the power economy of women, contact: bec@becbrideson.com or sign up for more updates at becbrideson.com

*( Gender+Effects, Cramphorn 2007)

**SHEKNOWS, Sep 2016