A special report from Ad News from September, 2015. You can see the full article here. We have reposted the parts with Bec Brideson.

"According to Venus Communications’ research arm, Venus Lab, 75% of women conduct equal or more car research than their partner. Venus director Bec Brideson says automotive
ads aren’t necessarily masculine and she has seen a marked improvement since starting at
the agency in 2004.
“It was rare to see a woman behind a wheel, normally they would be the passenger so at least automotives have understood that you do have to reflect who your audience truly is,” she says. “But there is definitely room for improvement there as well because the benefits and features of automotive that men would enjoy compared to women are completely different.” 
"While offending some with its play on words with "sheet", Venus Communications 'This is The Good Sheet' campaign for Handee Ultra was a winner when it came to challenging the conventions of advertising to women.
According to founder and director Bec Brideson, opening the TVC on a son cooking dinner for his mum was something that resonated with women in the agency's research groups. "They called it out as being a fresh approach to old stereotypes."