Do you want to increase revenue? Market share? 

Do you want to reduce marketing waste and increase your ROI?

Do you want to improve audience retention, drive acquisition and enhance customer loyalty?

Work with me and you'll learn how to leverage your business with the massive female economy
which can drive transformational, bottom line growth.

I create clarity if there has been a lack of focus and illuminate opportunities
to better connect your business with the female audience. I help you uncover what women want,
expect and need from your company.

I work with your teams so they can see business through a female-lensed opportunity and make more money.  Because when companies get it right with this really large segment they learn to make decisions that guarantee greater consumer engagement and build future-proofed brands. 



Getting your female audience can seem like a daunting task and a black art when you have not been trained to understand the complex decisions going on in a woman’s head, heart and handbag. Estimated to be worth $28 of the $35 trillion global consumer economy, they are the most powerful new market.

Money Talks

It’s a business no-brainer. Always follow the money. Women are an economic powerhouse in the global consumer market. Despite the fact that they out-spend, out-earn and out-live men – they are an audience that feels they have been undervalued, overlooked and mostly misunderstood.  Women are also a massive market opportunity. 



Bec is speaking at Pausefest 2017 and has spoken and appeared on panels at conferences around the globe including: Cannes Lions, 3% Conference at Google forum, Mumbrella 360, Rethink Pink UK, Creative 3, AdTech, b&t Daze.


Bec is currently writing a book about the female economy and how you can grab your share of it. She also gets published in numerous publications and contributes opinion pieces.