I help businesses get smart about the female dollar.

Smart about marketing to the women (and therefore the men) that buy their brands. Smart about better leveraging themselves with the massive female economy that drives transformational growth in business.

I create clarity where there has been a lack of focus and intelligence about women and "what they want" from your brand and your businesses.

I show teams how to connect and sell to the powerful female audience
to create more profit, less marketing waste and make decisions that
will future-proof business.


Show me the mummy

NEW PROGRAMME:  When women become first-time mum's their existing brand choices start to undergo significant reconsideration. For women welcoming second, third and subsequent children it's a whole different ballgame which involves juggling the needs of all family members and running the household with a whole new team focus.

So how do you get on her list, stay on her list and better still, be the only one in your category that is on her list? Let's talk! 


The digital era changed the learning and information economy by making it "Fast, Flat and Free". Another great advantage was it also made it "Female". There are major forces culminating in a changing landscape for businesses and these factors are an enormous opportunity for innovation and growth.  Learn why this is happening, understand how your business can better leverage female consumers and focus on the most engaged consumer to lead to greater profit. 



Seeing the world through a female-focussed lens means operating with a growth mindset to gender and making changes that see businesses become bigger, better and booming. Understand how to truly see women, and see results.


When you optimise your brand to meet women's needs and expectations the result is category Innovation and brand leadership. The sheer economics of women make them the most important audience to get it right with. See the results.